See a Professional to get the best eyebrow shape for your face. A specialist will look at your individual features and shape accordingly to enhance your natural beauty. Get them done by an expert every three months as a minimum.


Embrace your natural shape and don’t try to change it completely. Often, the best shape for you follows the natural line that your eyebrows already have, so let it guide you. Aim for simple, elegant arches that compliment your face shape.


Avoid Trends and stay true to what suits you. Eyebrow trends will come and go but eyebrows don’t always grow back. There is so much to consider when shaping your brows and some trends may not flatter your individual features.


Check the colour of your eyebrows. If they are darker than your hair colour, you may wish to lift them a shade lighter for a softer look. If they are fairer than your hair, tinting them a shade darker will add definition and frame your eyes.


Emphasize your eyes with an eyelash tint. Extra dark lashes make the whites of your eyes look brighter, and keeping your eyelashes darker than your eyebrows will balance your face and prevent you from looking washed out.


Tend to your eyebrows at least once a week. The regrowth will be a lot easier to spot and there will be less chance of taking the wrong hairs. Leaving it too long between tidy-ups can result in making mistakes and over-tweezing.


Think before trimming. Eyebrows that are trimmed don’t look natural when they are growing back. Additionally, the shape is dependent on how the eyebrows lay, which can be compromised if the hairs are cut too short.


Define your eyebrows with makeup. Filling in your brows will define the shape, frame your eyes and finish your look. Remember less is always more; your brows should appear softly shaded in without any straight or hard lines.


If you wear glasses the importance of well-groomed eyebrows increases significantly. Glasses draw attention to the brow bone, so your eyebrows must compliment the shape of the frames as well as the bone structure of your face.


If you’re getting married consider starting to shape your eyebrows at least three to six months prior to your wedding date. This allows plenty of time to correct the shape and ensure you have beautiful brows on your special day.