Ilona Sophie first began her career over seventeen years ago, training as a beauty therapist and makeup artist. While working for several international beauty companies, she became fascinated with eyebrows, and the important role they play in respect to facial symmetry.

After working alongside some of the most renowned eyebrow experts, Ilona developed her own specific technique behind the science of shaping beautiful brows. Her unique approach has been hailed in nationwide publications including Body & Soul and the Sun Herald.

A highly regarded expert in her field, Ilona has dedicated her career to the art of eyebrow shaping. Her talents have attracted a loyal following of clients to her private inner city boutique, where she provides a unique brow-shaping experience based on a personalised approach to suit each individual.


“A beautiful eyebrow shape surpasses trends and momentary fashion because it enhances your individual features and brings harmony to your face. “ 

- Ilona Sophie